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celtic_mermaid's Journal

30 December
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Name: Dana
Online Name: Piyo
Age: 24
Location: Southern California, USA

This is my Image Journal. Here you’ll find any and all graphics I’ve made (icons, banners, images, etc.), as well as some of my photography of the places I frequent or have gone to, and images I’ve scanned from books/magazines.

Journal Status:
Currently Under Construction
I’ve been neglecting this poor journal and it’s in need of some work

If you’re looking for my personal journal, head over to piyo_halliwell, but beware for plenty of rantings and obsessions.

Journal Rules

Currently my journal is open to the public and I have no reason or plan to make it Friends Only, so please, heed the rules.

*take and enjoy: feel free to take any graphics or images found here, just please heed the below rules.
*comments are love and required: they keep me coming back and making more! oh, and please let me know which ones you are taking-I’m curious and would like to keep tabs on what you all like
*credit: please give credit where credit is due. feel free to use either celtic_mermaid or piyo_halliwell for any of the images taken from here
*no altering graphics: textless/brushless icons or banners are no bases. alterations are fine so long as you leave a comment.
*no hotlinking: please save the images to your own server and then upload them

Journal Credits